Truck-mounted Concrete Pump Features

1, Dongfeng Auman or chassis, chassis mature and reliable, powerful, excellent performance, the economy is good. 2, the pump group with a constant Ready-mixed Concrete Batching Plant power technology and matching engine power reasonable match. With manual stepless thereby adjusting the amount of concrete delivery function. 3, pump, valve and other hydraulic system components of Germany Rexroth (Rexroth) product, stability, reasonable layout, easy to operate and maintain. 4, active power system uses Carter or Deutz diesel engine, stable and reliable performance, good fuel economy. 5, large diameter delivery cylinder, suction is good, large pumping capacity; with positive pump, reverse the pump, jogging and other functions. 6, S-type valve, hard alloy glasses, plates and cutting ring, and is equipped with rubber springs, can automatically compensate for end clearance to ensure good sealing performance. 7, stirring energy is transferred reverse, can be lifted in aggregate stuck phenomenon. 8, the use of large air-cooled heat sink to protect the host of the hydraulic system in a normal state, especially suitable for dry and cold environment. 9, intelligent integrated control system, good man-machine interface. The main electrical components Schneider, Omron, and other well-known brand appliances, PLC programmable control electrical system and text display, display operating parameters, with a variety of automatic protection features that make the system more compact, easier to adjust, more reliable. 10, by nearly all operations can achieve control and wired remote control, wired remote control box and two separate operating device, the ease of operation, easy remote operation, to ensure reliable and secure.

Concrete pump operating system and performance:

Control concrete pump electrical control system there are five mechanical, hydraulic, electro-mechanical electrical control type, the programmable controller type, logic-controlled. In addition to installing the concrete pump electrical control system to complete the control tasks, manual control is also equipped with the operating system, it is also part of the system of control. If mechanical manipulation, generally bar system controls and flexible shaft steering mechanism in two ways. If you compare the two is not difficult to find, flexible shaft control mechanism have more advantages, such as layout flexibility, high transmission efficiency, transition joints and small air travel less convenient travel regulation, so concrete pump control system The main shaft is to select the operating mechanism. According to actual needs, in trucks operating system should be able to achieve variable speed operation, and enables the joystick to stop at any position locking mechanism is operated stepless critical devices, generally you can use the disc springs or spring board. For ease of operation, joystick are designed to be installed at a convenient location, such as Putzmeister BSF36.09Z type pump, concrete mixer truck function which controls the engine speed joystick mounted on the side of the ladder, the operation is very convenient. Concrete pump control system is mainly used to control the main pump flow and engine speed, thereby changing the concrete pump truck emissions. Such as the use of hydraulic control, it can get power directly from the hydraulic drive pump pumping systems, and to achieve through manual hydraulic control valve. There is a close relationship with the properties of concrete, while paying attention to the details of the rules in the course of operation, the timely detection and timely troubleshooting to improve pump efficiency. There are two methods to clean water pipes and gas wash. Whether water or air wash, should the valve housing and hopper clean. When washing, the water soaked cement bags and tied into a cylindrical cleaning ball has been put into clean cone tube, connected to the cone, pipe, close the discharge door, hopper filled with water again (to be kept Water constantly). Pumping water until cleaning ball out from the tip of the delivery tube so far. Gas wash or compressed air purging, is the first water-soaked cleaning ball into the air purge fitting, connect the first phase with adjustable pipe root straight, and at the end of the pipe connected to the safety cover, safety cover opening to down. Control air pressure does not exceed 0.8MPa, slowly open the valve when the concrete can flow smoothly before opening the air valve.

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